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Telemedicine Clinic (TC)

Dr Sumer Sethi, pioneer of medical Tele-education and Teleradiology (TeleRad Providers) in India has now taken the initiative to reach remote patients through telemedicine, it has been a pioneering medical education initiative since 1999 and has been pioneer in teaching Doctors for further education both in India and abroad. TeleRad Providers is one of the pioneers in the field of remote diagnosis and caters to remote radiology needs of various hospitals and diagnostic centers across North India.

About Telemedicine

Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication and information technologies to provide clinical health care at a distance. It helps eliminate distance barriers and can improve access to medical services that would often not be consistently available in distant rural communities.

Equitable access to healthcare services is a challenge in India due to limited resources especially in rural and tier II cities. Technology has the power to enhance healthcare delivery across the geographic barrier. For developing countries, telemedicine and eHealth can be the only means of healthcare provision in remote areas. For example, the difficult financial situation in many African states and lack of trained health professionals has meant that the majority of the people in sub-Saharan Africa are badly disadvantaged in medical care, and in remote areas with low population density, direct healthcare provision is often very poor

Telepsychiatry, another aspect of telemedicine, also utilizes videoconferencing for patients residing in underserved areas to access psychiatric services. It offers wide range of services to the patients and providers, such as consultation between the psychiatrists, educational clinical programs, diagnosis and assessment, medication therapy management, and routine follow-up meetings.

Telepsychiatry is the application of Telemedicine to the field of Psychiatry. It has been the most successful of all the telemedicine applications so far, because of its need for only a good videoconferencing facility between the patient and the psychiatrist, especially for follow-up.

Our Specialist

Dr Sachin Arora

Traning & Experience

Trained in neurology and EEG for 1 month at Dept of Neurology, Gauhati medical college.
Experienced in administering modified electroconvulsive therapy
Teaching experience for undergraduates and interns.

Additional achievements:

In under-graduation, participated in intra-college and inter-college quiz competitions,
- 1st prize winner in pathology and microbiology quizzes
- Runner up in paediatric (IAP) and surgery(ASI) quizzes
- Participated in medical quiz, psychiatry quiz(IPS).


Why Telemedicine Clinic

Advantages of Telemedicine

  • Minimizes patient travel for medical opinion

  • Decreased relocation of medical specialists

  • Enhanced quality of care

Also we have the unique differential from all other telemedicine providers in India, most of which are hospital based teams who have vested interest in their opinion. Telemedicine Clinic offers the only unique opinion based service where the doctors don’t have a vested interest to advise a surgery or a procedure for you. We give “unbiased opinion” and we feel that we are only one of its kind service in India.

Second advantage is “Generic drug” prescription. Our team wherever possible advises only generic drugs and we want to make sure that the health care cost overall is reduced for the end user.

Why we use Telemedicne Services

Support people in understanding their condition and acquiring the skills and habits of self management needed to achieve the best outcomes in terms of their health. This is particularly true about our Diabetes consult and chronic dermatological diseases. Psychological consults are also easily done in privacy of your home and you get to interact with specialist on a one to one basis. Infertility is one of the issues where one more opinion with the specialist with no “vested interest” would be help. That’s why TC has chosen these services in the 1st phase.

Minimise the waste of time and resource consumed by face to face interaction where the patient would prefer support to be provided remotely and where this support can be done effectively.

Telemedicine Clinic utilizes a mix of internet and satellite technology and video-conferencing equipment to conduct a real-time consultation between medical specialist and patients.


Telemedicine operates with no limitations worldwide. Thousands of consultations are occurring right now, between remotely located doctors and patients -everywhere.


We leverage the latest technology to deliver affordable, accessible and quality healthcare that transcends geography.

We utilize Secure, private HIPAA compliant video chat and messaging for individuals or groups

The ability to schedule and view appointment availability in real-time

Ability to share medical information with patients to improve knowledge of their health status using video or messaging

Telemedicine allows patients and providers to maximize their daily routine by saving them travel time and wait time in crowded waiting rooms. The convenience of telemedicine allows for a variety of medical and mental health services to be addressed while patients and providers spend less time waiting, and more time improving well-being and treatment.

  • Our practitioners are all highly esteemed professionals with several years of experience to offer

  • If you choose telemedicine, you enjoy the convenience of having your appointment at home or at a nearby telemedicine clinic


Q.1How do I pay for this service?

Ans.The payment can be made before the consultation using credit cards, debit cards or netbanking.

Q.2How much time does it take to get the appointment with the doctor?

Ans.The appointment is given based on doctor's availability but usually appointments are available within 1-2 days

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