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Rad Learning Programme

Rad Learning Programme

Rad Learning Programme

The aim of this programme is to promote knowledge sharing and expertise to radiologists and trainee’s across the globe. With diverse educational content in radiology developed by our consultants our rad-learning center brings a lot of opportunities for those who thrive to seek to learn the art of radiology reporting.

Free Programme

Our blog Sumer’s Radiology Site is a venture where our team of radiology consultants share our day to day cases and cases which have been sent to us for second opinion and by sharing we intend to keep the objective of our company that is learning by sharing. This is in line with the web 2.0 principle and we strongly believe in spreading the concept of Radiology 2.0 through our endeavours.

To keep this website further growing and information updated, we urge you to share your educational presentations, radiology cases, radiology teaching files to help us serve our community further.

This concept of Rad-blogging as used in Sumer's Radiology Site which is one of the earliest Radiology Blogs now has now been accepted in "Journal of thoracic imaging" as a review article. Blog/Web Log-A New Easy and Interactive Website Building Tool for a Non-net Savvy Radiologist. Journal of Thoracic Imaging. 22(2):115-119, May 2007. Sethi, Sumer K. MD

Paid Rad-Learning Programme

In our residency and even during our practise some of us might be feeling that they need to be reporting better and wished to join a practise such as ours as a trainee but lacked the time to do so. To circumvent this, we now offer our Rad-learning programme Online.


Course available of 7 to 15 days duration. Unique feature of our courses is Hands on approach. You get an unique id and password to access trainee cases on our dedicated server. You get to report cases and your reports are evaluated by experts and comments to your reports are available subsequent day with more cases to report. In the end of the day you know what you missed on and how you should have framed your report. This is a unique concept and possibly the only one of its kind in the world. Many sites offer teaching files and to identify the findings in the “key image” is often not so challenging. What my residents tell me is that finding the key image is the challenge most of times in routine reporting, so here you are provided full case with brief history and you start reporting the day 1. At the end of the short term course from home you will receive a small certificate from our company certifying our participation in this programme. And this is bound to leave you a more confident radiologist when it comes to reporting CTs and MRIs. Contact us for more information on the course and free slots available.

Rad Learning Programme

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