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A. What is Telemedicine? 
The practice of dermatology using patient photograph and relevant clinical data from a distance is called teledermatology. A teledermatology practice (TP) provides teleconsultation as well tele-education.

The aim of TP is to reach the unreached for dermatology care in remote geographic regions. It includes transfer of dermatology consultation, diagnosis, treatment, and education. It reduces travel, waiting time, treatment costs, minimizes follow-up visits and delivers specialty healthcare services to various geographic regions lacking dermatology care nearby.

B. What areas of subspeciality do you have?
Telemedicine Providers has subspecialists in all areas of dermatology, including- paediatric dermatology (skin problem in infants, childhood and adolescence), trichology (hair related problems), venereology (for sexually transmitted diseases), women dermatology (for skin problems related to pregnancy and menopause) and sports dermatology (for skin problems due to sea/fresh water sports, sports on surface , amputation and artificial limb related skin problems), podiatric dermatology (for problems on lower limbs), and leprosy.

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