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About Our Chairman

About Our Chairman

Teleradiology Providers (Unit of Prime Telerad Providers (P) Ltd) is lead by Dr S.C. Sethi who is a very senior and reputed chest physician in Delhi who retired as In-charge of Chest Centre in Delhi. During his vast career in India and abroad he has served in various hospitals in Delhi, Punjab and Middle East including Benghazi, Libya.

He believes that one of the most serious, but under-publicized, health care worker shortages is the lack of radiologists. Further he says “given the defensive medicine being followed, the demands on radiologists to be perfect and accurate are increasing, and with more workload, radiologists will be unable to cope with the pressure.” According to him “Teleradiology comes to mind as the logical solution to this human logistics nightmare. Global Radiology concept will ultimately enable the flow of radiology expertise from areas of surplus to areas of requirement, worldwide. “

Together we believe in the Thomas Friedman’s philospophy of flatworld he says--“When you start to think of the world as flat, a lot of things make sense in ways they did not before. What the flattening of the world means is that we are now connecting all the knowledge centers on the planet together into a single global network.”

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