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3D Reconstruction

3D Reconstruction

  • Three Dimensional Image Reconstruction Services For Hospitals and Imaging Centres
  • Aids presurgery planning and helps in diagnosis.
  • Add-on to our accurate subspecialist reporting

Recently, techniques have been developed to enable CT, MRI and ultrasound scanning software to produce 3D images for the physician.Traditionally CT and MRI scans produced 2D static output on film. To produce 3D images, many scans are made, then combined by computers to produce a 3D model, which can then be manipulated by the physician.

At Teleradiology Providers we have powerful state of the art software technology that provide great three dimensional, muliplanar and surface rendered images with uncompromising image quality. Our team of highly skilled and experienced technologists & doctors generate reformatted and annotated images that can allow for optimal surgical planning and patient care. Your referring physicians will surely appreciate this service as it gives them an accurate 3 dimensional perspective to the patient's pathology.

  • Information rich cutting edge quality 3D images.
  • Affordable prices
  • Internet based Service
  • Highest quality services

3D Reconstruction

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