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Radiology Reporting

Patients don't present themselves in regular patterns or fixed times. Teleradiology Providers can help strike the right balance between preparedness and efficiency..

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Recently, techniques have been developed to enable CT, MRI and ultrasound scanning software to produce 3D images for the physician.Traditionally CT and MRI scans ..

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Radiology Training

The aim of this programme is to promote knowledge sharing and expertise to radiologists and trainee's across the globe. With diverse educational content in radiology ..

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Teleradiology Providers- Affordable Excellence

Welcome to Teleradiology Providers the company that provides a complete radiology diagnostic support to your setup. As Teleradiology steps into it's infancy in India our company emerges as the pioneer in providing you the latest services at the best of costs.

Teleradiology exploits the latest of technological advancements bringing radio diagnosis at your doorstep. It excels on simple principles of communication augmented by the latest and the most advanced image acquiring techniques. Teleradiology manages it's input resources from digital images acquired through CT scans, digital X-rays, MRI etc which are transferred to the radiologist through a secure web encrypted system.

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Polymicrogyria : MRI Teaching Case

Case – 35 yrs male with history of seizures presents for MRI showing – Right posterior frontal - temporo-occipital- parietal cortical p...


Scleroderma CXR: eQ Series on eMedicoz

Here is brief video discussing integrated question on CXR findings of scleroderma, discussed by Dr Sumer Sethi. Many such teaching video...


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Digital Bharat 2015 Summit award

Telerad Providers was awarded Digital Bharat 2015 Summit award, by Shri Rajendra Pratap Gupta Read More

International Conference on Radiology and Imaging

International Conference on Radiology and Imaging is scheduled to be held during August 14-16, 2013 at Chicago Northshore, USA. Read More

Teleradiology Services

Teleradiology Providers becomes one of the first Indian companies to launch teleradiology services globally. Read More